About APAX Software

APAX Software was founded in 2007 in Lexington, KY to create high quality custom software solutions. APAX was founded by Brian Raney, Justin Raney, and Matt Smith. All three founders were graduates of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering and passed up lucrative software development jobs to pursue their passion of creating a high class software company of their own. They saw the creation of this software company as an opportunity to grow the high tech community in Kentucky. Eleven years later, APAX has served hundreds of clients and employed dozens of team members. Our purpose is to help others pursue their definition of awesome. We do this by assisting each organization we work with in building innovative and efficient software solutions to further their mission.

We are a relationship driven company and enjoy working with the same client over a long period. We hire the top talent and work with select clients that we believe we can best help meet their technology needs through cutting edge software solutions. Our team members are experts on multiple platforms and languages. We specialize in mobile application development, full stack web development, graphic design, and software consulting.

Awesome Inc

APAX Software is part of a community called Awesome Inc that has a mission of helping people realize their dreams through cutting edge technology. We do this by building a high tech community that focuses on helping people use technology to improve their organizations.

The community is built on four primary initiatives with the overall goal of educating and creating a community in the space of entrepreneurship and technology.

Awesome Inc